A school prom is incomplete without a photo booth. You are able to capture unforgettable photos and memories of your school prom. It is a fun and memorable activity for all the students, where they can dress up elegantly and take pictures with their friends.

Before hiring a photo booth for a school prom, you need to keep a few things in mind. There are ample options in Leeds for photo booth hire. Make sure you check these points before you hire one.

What should you consider before hiring a photo booth for your school prom?

Consider the size of the school prom booth

Since it is a prom, the photo booth will be crowded. To avoid congestion around the photo booth, you must hire a medium-sized photo booth. Ask a supplier who can provide you with the right size booth. You can opt for a bullet booth, as it maximises the space and can safely accommodate around ten students within the booth.

Photo backgrounds

Do you have a theme for the school prom? Ask the supplier to decorate the booth’s background accordingly. The suppliers generally provide a plain background for the booths. If you want something different, ask the supplier to change it.

Social media posts

School proms are memories for the students. They would love to post pictures on their social media accounts without wasting a minute. It is important to ask the supplier whether there is a provision for live social media upload.

Strength and capacity of booth

Most photo booths are made of aluminium and fire-resistant materials. Avoid choosing photo booths made of MDF, as this can cause a fire risk. An aluminium photo booth is a sturdy and durable option. It can accommodate many students without the risk of collapsing.

Fun prop decoration

The purpose of the photo booth in a school prom is to allow students to dress up and take fun-filled pictures. Ask the supplier for fun props along with the booth. Things like hats, glasses, sign cards, wigs, or feathers can make the pictures interesting and fun. Ask the supplier to include them along with the photo booth and make the prom pictures memorable for students.

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