The type of photo booth you need for your event depends on many factors, including event type, venue, budget, guest count and much more. When hiring a photo booth in Leeds, you need a clear idea of which kind of booth would be most suitable for your event. Here, we have outlined the different types of photo booths so that you can find the most suitable one for your event.

Five types of photo booths you need to consider

There is a wide array of photo booths available. Here, we are going to take a look at the most popular types of photo booths to consider:

Enclosed photo booth

The first on our list is an enclosed photo booth. This traditional photo booth has curtains or walls to create an enclosed space for the guests to take photos. An enclosed photo booth is known to accommodate 2-6 guests at once and offers a classic photo booth experience.

Open-air photo booth

In contrast to the enclosed photo booth, an open-air photo booth is a robust choice if you want to accommodate larger groups of guests or large gatherings. Unlike a traditional enclosed booth, an open-air booth has a camera and backdrop. These backdrops are usually customisable, and guests can take photos before them.

Mirror photo booth

Mirror photo booths are usually meant for a solo photo-taking experience. It uses a full-length mirror as its backdrop. If you want to take your photo, you can simply enter the booth and use interactive features such as touch screens, animations, and voice prompts to glimpse its many features.

GIF photo booth

A GIF photo booth is a highly suitable experience if you want to capture photos in a GIF form and share them on social media. This booth type is a stellar option for events where the guests want to share their photos online and over social media platforms.

Green screen photo booth

A green screen is a digital technology that can create customisable backdrops according to demands. A green screen photo booth leverages the technology of modern motion pictures to invoke different themes where the guests can get their photos taken in front of a green screen. The latter can be transformed into many poignant and memorable scenes using digital technology.

What type of photo booth do you need for your event? Tell us your needs, and as a leading photo booth hire in Leeds, Props And Pixels can find you the perfect photo booth for your big event.